Tech Tip Advice

Tech Tip Advice

Dec 9, 2015 | (732) Views

1. Organize Your Desktop

We all usually just save our files right to our desktop. Sometimes we only use them once and forget about them. A good way to keep your machine running smoothly and stay organized is to sort your files with folders and remove the ones you don't need anymore while you're at it. Don't forget to rummage through your "My Documents" as well as your "Downloads" directories as well. You can also create folders on your tablets and smart phones to organize what apps you do or do not frequently use.

2. Browser Plugins

It's the norm now that on any browser you have the ability add a tab bar, plugins and other options like themes to your browser. The problem with that is it's not always the best decision and could eventually lead to performance issues. The bigger problem lies within the plugins and themes you could install. They look cool yes, but unless the functionality is something you really need, we recommend doing away with as many as you can.

3. Tabs

It's no secret that having a lot of tabs open can cause browsers to crash your browsers pretty quickly. Having a lot of open tabs can overload the resources available and that eventually leads to the crash. Having as few tabs as possible open helps with this. Also a helpful tip is to have more than one browser, such as Firefox and Chrome, both running with just a few tabs in each, if you really need them open that is. For example, you may want to listen to YouTube or Pandora while you browser facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you use chrome for YouTube while using firefox to browser, this usually helps with help performance wise in most cases.

4. Email

Having your email is a must for most people. But having a program that has to constantly refresh the feed through your network can be killing your machines processing speed. Check and see if there are any options to help limit the amount of time it stays connected, such as only checking for new mail every 5-10 minutes or when you select the 'get mail' option. This is a especially useful tip on a smart phone when you're not using wifi. Keeps from eating up your data.

5. Close Unused Programs/Apps

Closing out of any apps and programs you're not using will help you with reserving battery life, and speed up your machine/device by clearing up more ram and allowing it to be used or free for use. Letting them sit idle while you're doing something else seems like an okay idea, but it still takes its share of resources.

Hopefully these tips are helpful, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out to us.



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