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GXXK$ are the forgotten ones. The ones that never had any help. We’re self-sufficient, not out of choice, but of necessity. I’m from the hills of central West Virginia, where nobody hands you shit. There are no doors to knock on, no local influences that were in my lane. We had to take this thing from scratch and learn as we go. We had to do it our way because there was no other way. I’ve made some moves I regret and went through growing pains with this, but I’m very proud of where it has gotten us. It has gotten us to this point.


I’m proud that since 09 we’ve done this on our own. I’m proud that we’ve stayed ourselves. I’m proud that we’ve all became better. I’m proud that we’ve done it in West Virginia. I’m proud to represent the fight of people from nowhere, with no advantages, and no support to achieve great things.

Expect us.



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